You are needed – #VoteMoreHumanely!

Preparations for the election are in full swing and you are needed!

Democracy and human rights are in danger. There are forces that threaten democracy and human rights on a national and international level. You, me and indeed all of us are needed to move the political discourse away from the simplistic rhetoric that puts different groups of people against each other and that is infecting the public debate.

It is time to show that there is a strong opinion for humanity, and for a democratic and sustainable Sweden. Therefore we have started an election movement called #VoteMoreHumanely.

Who are we?

The movement is not affiliated with any party or religion, and those of us who choose to be involved come from many different backgrounds and different ways of life, but have the common goal to have a more humane and decent society. We join together to show that we are many who are prepared to stand up to defend democracy, human rights, gender equality, sustainability, and the equality of all people.

Can anyone be a part of this movement?

#VoteMoreHumanely is open for all organizations, clubs, businesses and private individuals that are for human rights, democracy, non-violence, and stand behind Swedish anti discrimination law. It is independent of political party and religion, and even though you may be a member of a political organization, you are welcome to join our election movement to discuss democracy, human rights and equality,- however without arguing for a specific political party or religion.

What is expected from an organization, club or business if we participate in  #VoteMoreHumanely?

Your organization or business would be able to spread the word of this movement, and encourage people to participate.

What can I do as an individual?

You do not need to be an expert, rather speak from your own perspective, your knowledge and the movement’s values. You can share knowledge and experiences, and discuss human rights and democracy at #votemorehumanely. Be yourself and speak about that which you know and believe in!

Conversations can be online or in stores, on the street or in the town square. In order to help interaction and discussions in real life (IRL) we have built the concept of election desks. These election desks will serve as gathering places for people who would like to converse about human rights, democracy, and values.

Here is the simple way to get started with #VoteMoreHumanely.

  1. Gather people near you or in your community who would like to work together on arranging an election desk. Together you can invite clubs and businesses to join you.
  2. Find a desk or dresser to decorate.
  3. Apply for a permit from the police. You can find the application for on the homepage of the police, fill it out, print is and send it in.…/blankett…/polisens-blanketter-510-1.pdf

The processing time for permits varies, so it important to apply as soon as possible, and be sure that all information is correct. The usual cost or the application is 250-700kr for a public place. The fee has to be paid before the application is processed. The same application can be use for the voting desks and for posters. Posting is regulated by each individual county.

How to fill in the application

Application is for the use of public space

Point 2: Activism in connection with the election. Placement of voting desks to be able to meet and have discussions with people.

Point 3: from X/Y until X/Y 2018 between XX-XX

Point 4: the clear location of the place intended.

Who started the movement  #VoteMoreHumanely?

Kinna Skoglund, Sara Edvardson Ehrnborg and Helena Mäki are the initiators of the movement. Kinna is a social worker, sports enthusiast and is dedicated to questions dealing with people with disabilities. Sara is a musician and teacher that thrives in intercultural meetings, the education of new immigrants and working towards inclusion for all. Helene interested in conflict resolution and is engaged in working towards sustainable living.